söndag 2 september 2012

Recycling rules, vintage in my heart

I get a lot of inspiration going to 2nd hand. In this I love to go shopping! It's so many beautiful clothes out there. The quality and style is often perfect, unique, when a good piece of clothing has been used before and still look great. Sometimes it's not used at all. Just out of fashion.

Fashion fades, style is eternal. I've also found some really nice things for the home.

Pot and necklace from private 2nd hands in Herräng. Vase from local 2nd hand in Angered.

Found my mirror at last at local 2nd hand day. Ågs bruk.

Tea cups found at private 2nd hand in Övertänger.
Silky underdress found at 2nd hand in Svärdsjö. 1940-50th?

It's all about being nature friendly.
From very reliable sources I know that this weekend there has been the famous DAK market euphoria in 2nd hand in Falun. Happy time! I know people who hold this event higher than Christmas!

Good wishes to you from a rainy day in Göteborg.


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