fredag 14 september 2012

Premier Blaue Stunde

Today is the day! Tonight is first of two shows of Blaue Stunde.

Alp horns, bücheln, cow horns, herding calls and percussion.

I'm at the hotel still and preparing myself for preformance. It's important to rest and eat well before a concert, do some voice warming up. I actually hear Karin next door doing her warming up now :-)

Earlier today I did a small tour, walking to the nearby town center of Pratteln.

Pretty Pratteln....

Small streets of Pratteln.

Below: Alphorn picture at the yoghurt.

Maria, yesterday at rehersal break.

Ok, now it's time to pack the clothes for tonight. The concert clothes is some type of military I guess I'll bring something more glamorous for the get together after the performance.


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