lördag 8 mars 2014

8 March International Womens Day

Artist: Malin Bellman

Girls today, women tomorrow.

I'm deeply proud to announce I'm currently working with a girls respect group where we meet on weekly basis in Hjällbo church in Gothenburg.
We have together discussed the goals and ambition of this particular group. It's mainly about getting true friends who support in all situations, who respect you for the person you are, who allow you to be yourself and even push you to become even more yourself. Cheerish the unique of each member.

Among the first things we did was to name the group after an animal and bear was choosen. A perfect choice for courage and strength, and also for the aspect of live your dream.

Right now we are team building through games and fun + discussion, sharing in circle, doing some writing on the topic of getting to know your personality and be accepted for that uniquness.

Today I got an idea. I'll ask the girls if they would like to create a gallery of portraits of courageous women and girls to hang on our own wall of fame. I can name many I wish to see there. I just wonder what suggestions might come from the group.

My heroines, among many others. Enjoy the links to their quotes, or other historic information:

Malala YousafzaiShannen Koostachin, Astrid Lindgren, Tove JanssonLina Thomsgård Lupita Nyongo, Marie Curie, Miranda July, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Sarah Ogan Gunning, Mother Jones.
Founders of Idle No More: Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon.

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