lördag 29 mars 2014

Between singing and spoken word

Our days of work is just over.
Susanne, Maria, Ulrika and me singing all day long. Preparing for next step of contemporary composing within the folk music context.

Increadible how the paradox of time is confusing my mind. Time went so quickly. At the same time it feels like I've been there in the sweet little village of Noraström for a long time. We manage to do so much together with the music.

Ideas we brought into our project has now been tried out in reality. Many improvisation structures has been very fruitful. We go back home now to compleete the music for the larger ensemble. We'll be 8 folk singer performing this!

Below Susanne and Ulrika are singing  instantly from a book of hilarious written text, deep and poetic. It requires long experience to do it in two part singing. We all took turns doing improvisations, and sometimes all four at the same time.


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