måndag 24 mars 2014

Retreat for music writing

Time to open the door to the musical treasures.

For three days I will be away in the far north of Sweden, outside Sundsvall in a small village. Together with the amazing singstresses, Susanne Rosenberg, Maria Misgeld and Ulrika Bodén I will dig deep and weave a totally new creation of vocal music. Contemporary folk songs.
Putting pieces together, contributing each one of us, circling the ideas around and try it out live.
This is the first meeting. So far we have been preparing one by one at home, just mailing ideas to eachother.

So I'll put my boots on the ground and go to the living room song circle.

We'll stay at a small countryside inn, a house build 1810 for the priest and his family in those days. I imagine the walls are full of forgotten songs.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks! Today is packing and gathering all my material of melodies and lyrics I would like to bring into this.

  2. Wow, great! You really have opened al lot of doors to musical treasures for us. I think, you talk about "Folk Vocal", here? I'd really like to know, what has come out of that project. I nearly fell of my capricorn, when I bumped into the video on Youtube!