fredag 2 november 2012

They found a song

It's now happening for the first time after the book of wedding songs was released. I've heard from a couple who are going to marry that they found a song in my book Bröllopssånger och kärleksvisor that they will have in the wedding ceremony.

This makes me so happy to know. The purpose is to share the songs through the book and make them more accessable again.

Now it's a cold and dark season. I have so many memories of light that I can make my day shine.
Here's one of the great memories from the book makeing. Photo session day, Eva Petrén is preparing one of our models.
Today I'm delighted to have an interview about the book for a magazine in Dalarna. We'll meet at Dalarnas Museum. On my way there I plan to see an art exhibition where Emmeli Malmqvist shows her work of kurbits from Dalarna in meeting with Göteborg. Sounds like something for me.


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