torsdag 14 februari 2013

Best cds in my player 2012

Ahmad Al Khatib, Youssef Hbeisch: Jadayel. Maria Misgeld: Romans i moll.

John Doyle: Shadows and light.

During the year that passed I had some cds that kept spinning in my player, over and over again. I would gladly like to share some brilliant work made by musicians from near and far. Some cds has been with me for many years and they will steadily be my companions here. Other cds just released now, hot from the print.


Lhasa, The Living Road Toutoutard 2003
This great voice will never be silent, her artistry is forever. This cd is the first I encountered of her works. Heard first in the dining room at Dala-Floda Världshus in the unforgettable settings of Paul and Christina Aarts food, music, style of folk art from different corners of the world.

The Boswil Concert, Paul Hanmer and McCoy Mrubata. 2010
Paul Hanmer, piano, organ. McCoy Mrubata, saxophone.
Künstlerhaus, Boswil,

Ilmajousi - Luftstråk. KMH Förlag 2001
Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlbäck

John Doyle: Shadow and Light, Compass Records 2011
John Doyle performed at festival Lempo in Finland where I first heard him live. Totally mindblowing music, him alone on the stage. Great honour for me to guest him on one song. Unforgettable.

Moses Hightower: "Búum til börn" Record Records 2010
I heard them live in Germany when I toured with Nordic Wedding Music. Lovely to hear music sung in islandic language.

Tetra: Hiyya, Footprint 2010
Lovely a capella quartet from Göteborg.

Algérie Voix des Femmes: Compilation cd by Blue Silver. 1997
My absolute favourite track is Djurdjura ura's Azemmour.

No other listening then just dig into Irmelin repertoir, work in progress. Sometimes I go into a kind of music fasting when it comes to consuming music from other artists. It's not so concious from my side, I just go inte to the process of creating my music and then it fades away with listening to other. Or I dont have so much time to listen to other music. I can imagine that the brain is working that way, to give a lot of space for the process of creativity.

Hornroh Modern Alphornquartet
Phonag Records 2009
Our new friends in Hornroh! Irmelin had the chance to meet and work with Hornroh while doing the performance Blaue Stunde in Basel, in september.

Maria Misgeld: Romans i moll.
Misgeld Music 2011.
Maria's own soloalbum, the album following her first one, "Margits sånger". And again, she's made a touching, vivid and profoundly beautiful piece of art. I will listen to this album for a long time to come.

Mattias Pérez and Nano Stern 2009
A meeting between Chile and Sweden guitar mastery. My friends and former collegues, I long to the moment we will reunite in music one day.

Ahmad Al Khatib, Youssef Hbeisch, Bela Quartet: Jadayel.
My full review can be found in december blogpost.
Jadayel has been spinning in my player ever since. The more I listen, the deeper it goes. Wonderful.

Have a good journey out there!

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