lördag 2 februari 2013

Singing in a free world

Tomorrow we'll do the concert again, Himmelen Inom, written, composed and compiled by Anders Nyberg.

Heaven within.

Two choirs, from Svärdsjö and Sundborn, musicians and soloist. I will sing the soprano solo voice.

Sundborn church
Sunday February 3, at 6 o clock in the evening.
On the train going to Falun.


On the inside we are free. No opresseing power in the world can deny us to be free in our minds.

This music in Himmelen Inom has followed me for a long time and been the topic of many discussions with Anders Nyberg and more friends of mine. I was part of the recording of the CD Himmelen Inom. For years we have held in mind that doing this music is a process of finding our own heaven within ourselves. This music is very much about honouring our inner child each and everyone carry inside. Seeds for thought that can bloom differently in bygone seasons, and seasons to come.


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