söndag 10 februari 2013

Circular economy

A world of opportunities, and the shift has already begun.....

That's why I got back home yesterday with a lovely little stove of the Kockum brand, known for quality and long lasting performance. And I like the design with white and turqoiuse. Indeed one of my most crazy shopping items ever. I felt a little embarrased almost, should I show this on the blogg...but after seeing the little film on circular economy I felt, Yes! Of course, this goes in the same direction of caring for our world and not throw valuable things away.

The stove will be a "back up"-stove for a tiny kitchen in a small house up where I have my family roots. Anyone knows from wich year this pretty little stove can be?

Oh yes, and there's so much fun to find at the local second hand. Found a Odd Molly cosy outfit (hoodie + pants in velour) for home evenings, plus a 100% silk top. What more is, it's a friendly place, I even got a spontaneous hug from another customer there who I don't even know the name of. We always meet at the rack of dresses. Can you tell me other shops where that happen?

Noa Noa elven Arwen style.

Hunkydory so light as butterfly wings.


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