söndag 10 februari 2013


Sharing as a starting point.

Most of the time a new musical collaboration starts with a sparkle and a recognition. We want to explore music in the same regions! We are driven by the same passion for a certain kind of music. Then along the road, maybe in the tour bus, there will be the deeper discussions and sharing of the history that lead a person to the place he/she is today.

This time we agreed to start early with the sharing. A full day together just sharing, Ahmad, Martin, Roger and me. It was Martin coming up with this idea/method to share deeply about what motivates us, what major turning points we've had in our music development. Sometimes a single concert, or even a passage in a certain piece of music, was so mind blowing that it started a whole new era in our musical lives. When music starts to talk to us. Things like that.
Each one got time to draw some lines of our musical history and play some examples of music to the others. After the presentation the others gave feed back and asked questions.

Listening to the others was very special. Suddenly there's a total recognition that this particular point is deeply engaging for me as well, I've been there too. Some other times it was obvious that the four of us come with four truly unique life stories and "schools" of music. When we get together, form our ensemble, our differencies will be our strength.

Sharing - give space.

When I work with Irmelin I know that the three of us has similar music background, interest in folk song, vocal traditions, we have the same education and we've had the same teachers. When I work with Ahmad, Martin and Roger we don't have that common ground to start out from. Wich is also wonderful. That's the reason, we want to make music we haven't done before. Roger take part in his profession as composer, and hearing his views on our music and views is really a good mirror. He makes me see things from quite a new angle.

Next meeting will contain four musical ideas. Each person bring an idea or a sketch of music, a principle or method to work with.


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