fredag 8 februari 2013

Music with space

Painting with sound and music. A day for creativity.
Today it's time to meet musicians Ahmad Al Khatib and Martin Holmlund, and composer Roger Johansson. We will embark now on a journey together to discover the creative roots to our musical handcraft. What it means with "space" in our music. To give space, to open up, to find a common path in doing this together.

It may sound a bit airy. I hope it is:-)
At the same time we are at this point very structured and have a plan on how to proceed for the whole year with three more workshops to go, concerts in the summer, documentation in autumn. When the frames are set it is totally clear how we can work very open on our artistic creative process.

Each one of us will have a personal presentation today, drawing the picture of our history with music, what was important, what has been our biggest influences, including giving the others some musical examples of this. When did we last have the chance to really get to know people we work with in this particular way?
We will also work on a few musical ideas together, to dig into the work of forming our sound.

And when did I have the chance to do this kind of work and sit with a composer in the room? What a great luxury to give and take and have Roger Johansson as a member of this process. Here you can listen to a mini-opera composed by Roger, and with this he won the competition!

Kulturbryggan has given us financial support to do this. We are so happy to have this chance of really put in time and go deep in the process.

Tonight I had a strange dream I was playing the timpani. Maybe this is the picture of me stepping outside my old circles in music, wich I hope I will do today. Maybe not by the playing of timpani, but in my creativity as a singer.

Lets go out in a lovely day!


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