tisdag 12 februari 2013

Smash the mirror: Odd Lovin

I have a weakness for dresses.....vintage dresses.
Odd Lovin is a wonderful web shop for vintage dresses and today I got my order in the post. Quick shipping, I ordered yesterday.

I'm a lucky owner now to a dress from the 70's with the name "Smash the mirror". You can see it here on Odd Lovin

Got a letter in the package from Odd Lovin. I couldn't have said it better myself.

"This garment is vintage.
It has been picked and loved by someone before you, in another time and place.
I'd like to think that vintage clothing comes with a secret story that gives it a special kind of character. It's in a way already full of life right now when you're holding it in your hands.
By wearing it you will make this story continue and it will become a unique extension of who you are.
It will add that special edge to your wardrobe and personal style, and at the same time you will contribute to a more eco-friendly way of dressing.
Thank you for sharing our love for odd clothing."

Tuva Minna Linn. 

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