fredag 21 december 2012

Balboa class in Göteborg

Great fun in the balboa FK dance class with our wonderful teachers Anni and Gasper!
This week I had my first glögg drink (swedish variation of glüwein) of the year in a very special way. During balboa dance class we all went to the other class (lindy) on the dance floor next to ours. Holding a tiny glass of glögg in one hand we actually danced balboa while having glögg in the middle of the lindy-class, like a little flash mob.
One of the very best things with balboa is that you have to work with your own upright posture in a very relaxed way. If there is the slightest tensions you are totally lost.
Anni and Gasper are also photo models in my book. Their photo session was magic, the way they danced there.

Now we see the very darkest season of the year, and the darkest day is today! Winter solstice, when the north pole is turned most far away from the sun.
Winter can be so beautiful. And dancing helps a lot. Plus being out in the nature. Here's some winter images from my home town:

On this lake I go skating when the ice is perfect. Here too much snow.

Arne Weisse in a candle holder:

What does balboa look like? Here's a nice clip from International Lindy Hop Championships 2010, Strictly Balboa Finals. So theese awesome people are the pro's. On the social dancefloor balboa can be more relaxed and danced in closed position, while this is obviously created to win a competition.

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