lördag 22 december 2012

Jadayel, CD with Ahmad al Khatib, Youssef Hbeisch and stringquartet Bela

This is the cd that will be the soundtrack of my midwinter.

You had me at first hello.

Jadayel is an instrumental cd with musicians Ahmad Al Khatib, oud, Youssef Hbeisch, percussion, and the Bela Quartet (France). Frédéric Aurier, violin, Julien Dieudegard, violin, Julian Boutin, viola, Luc Dedreuil, cello. Compositions on the cd are made by Ahmad Al Khatib and Frédéric Aurier.

Photo by Nicolas Damuni

Jadayel is about blending together modal music with contemporary and harmonic music. It's experimental and very melodic, sometimes vivid and fast, sometimes airy.

When I started listening the very first tone hit me. Track number one, "La colombe bleue", starts with a ringing beautiful sound of the oud, struck just once. The first open chord lasts just as long as the sound is fading away and then followed buy unfolding of the beautiful piece written by Ahmad Al Khatib to his wife.

Youssef creates a world of rythm and sound from his drums. Lamento, track number 5, a piece written by Frédéric Aurier, starts with solo percussion that immediately takes me away to a place deep inside the music. Youssef has a wide range of different instruments and use them very precicely to give each piece it's soundscape of rythm.

Quartet Bela creates emotions in their music, it's story telling on high level. Their artistry to blend with the oriental melodies and scales is made with great skill. I love the way Ahmad Al Khatib's compositions add harmonies to the microtonality, and the way Quartet Bela performs this. The string quartet concept is truly an amazing art form. Cello and viola are two of my favourie instruments. The highest notes in the violin is here adding air and space to the whole creation.

One of the pieces, Quodlibet, has a atmosphere of old style renaissance music to it. I've always felt drawn to renaissance music and the way it's explored here really makes me happy. This piece starts with solo cello and then follows the whole ensemble, adding more contemporary parts. It is written by Frédéric Aurier.

I learn that Quartet Bela is reaching out far in different directions. They also explore free form improvisations and sounds to the limit of what the ear can take. But in order to break the rules you have to know the rules. It's also very encouraging to hear that musicians of this high level of skills and talent are daring to create way out and beyond the pleasing type of music we are over flooded with.

Jadayel was recorded 2012 and released by Ta'mour.

Have you seen the little animated pearl of a film, "The fourth king" by Ted Sieger? (Den fjärde kungen, Folkets Bio) The soundtrack to this film is also strings working together with oriental instruments. Maybe I got into this blend of music by seeing the film every year around christmas.


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  1. Dear Eva
    when i found your post , its like i found the heaven , it made me so happy and great, im in love with Ahmed Al-Khatib & Youssef Hbeisch music, since Ahmed's album "Sada" till last album "Sabil" with youssef.
    when "jadayel" came out specially with Bela Quartet i said this is my soul and the purest album that i will hear and taste, iv been looking for this album every where to get it, amazon, itunes, cdbaby....etc , but i couldnt find it at all, i dont know how to get the album or from where, if you could do a favor to a strange person who lives just by music and peace by sending the album to me or at least telling me from where i can buy it online specially as mp3 format , and rescue my soul..

    i hope you find my message and helping me to get the album
    and if you would like to like my musical page on facebook and taste some good music , i would be glad

    sorry if i bothered you
    best regards

    Ibrahim Thalji

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