fredag 7 december 2012

December memories from Lindsberg, now and then

This morning we had -19° C. Stars and moon in the sky and a beautiful sun rise.

Tonight I'm going to sing in town, in a small book store. Welcome to Lohrs at Kapellplatsen at 18.30. I'm singing and telling stories from the new songbook (containing wedding songs from Nordic countries), "Bröllopssånger och kärleksvisor". In theese days it's rare to find old style small book stores with lots of personality. So please be welcome and enjoy a special evening at Lohrs.

Yesterday I found out about Rebecka Carlsson who writes about her experiences in Egypt at Tahir Square during the revolution. She share visions about true collaborations where people interact out of pure love and not for gaining personal win. Please visit her blog here, written in swedish, I am really inspired by her thoughts. In her blog she writes that Lindsberg, a big house in Dalarna will be the place to continue develop long lasting, earth friendly, people friendly collaboration with a new way of looking at economy. So the tradition keeps on, this house has for a long time been part of the alternative movement!

In my young days my family and I used to visit a small scale Spelmansstämma in December in this house Lindsberg. This was the first Spelmansstämma I visited. I clearly remember the people, the music, the home made food with the typical spices of christmas bread and cookies. And a totally awesome atmosphere. I don't know if I had ever before seen grown ups being so captured by music and dance.

Have a good day out there!


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