torsdag 13 december 2012

Lucia, welcome with light

Good Lucia-day to everyone!

Please let me show you one of my favourite designers, Täpp Lars, Lars of Scandinavia.
I borrow this Lucia-photo from his web-site (if anyone dislikes me borrowing, please contact me). It's a wonderful picture!

Täpp Lars makes exclusive clothes of fur from sheeps, the most beautiful jackets I can imagine. He also makes design for a various number of home style, like candle decoration, christmas decoration, wedding decorations.

To me Lucia is about having fun, make someone surpriced, sing for the sake of the singing. And on a deeper level, bring light in the dark season.

One of my best Lucia memories is from Uppsala and I guess it's when I was 20 years old. Some friends and me talked to the rail road company SJ to be allowed to sing Lucia songs on the commuter train between Uppsala and Stockholm. They said yes as long as it was only singing and no spreading of pamphlets or anything. Perfect, the only thing we wanted to do was to sing and surprice people early in the morning going to work. It was truly a very happy thing to do. So many happy smiles!

Someone who have never seen Lucia or heard Lucia songs? It's a quite local tradition we have here in the north. It includes a special set of songs, white dresses, candles, either electric or real candles, all big shops sell the electric ones. Imagine this is a childrens tradition most of all and no one whats a fire tragedy when small children celebrate Lucia.

The surprice-traditions in Lucia has its roots in much much older traditions. Long ago, and not on the 13th of December, rather after Christmas, children and youth where visiting neighbour homes and farms and singing christmas songs about the star, the child, the holy family fleeing to Egypt to escape Herodes. This has very little to do with Lucia, but it has been a mix of two traditions when we still sing about Staffan and his horses, and boys in a Lucia event might be dressed to star-holders.

Go well into the day!

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