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What's happening in Canada? Idle No More Movement

I think this New Year will be remembered for ever in Canadian history.

Chief Theresa Spence are on day 20 in her hungerstrike with the demand to have a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and no one else. His answer is he has no time to see her.

What is happening? Please correct me if I had misunderstood something here. Of course reality if complex and this is a huge field of history through the years and politics today that I don't have enough knowledge about. But from my view sitting here in a foreigh country I try to write down the frames of it to spread the word.

Idle No More is a protest movement among The First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, and non-aboriginal supporters of the First Nations, of Canada, and partly also international.
They protest against broken treaties and unrightful laws that take their land and water resources, and keep them living in some extreeme conditions in some areas. A housing crisis where the houses has no electricity, nor plumbing. Health issues due to pollutions of nature from industries and mines. The hopelessness is causing suicide among young people. One suicide is one too much if you ask me.

A year ago it was reported in international news about the situation in Canada. Now a year later it's status quo. This is why chief Theresa Spence demand a meeting with no one else but Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a proper meeting on national level. First Nations meets Nation of Canada.

Canadian News:
CBC News

International news:
Al Jazeera on Canada

A non-native Canadian speaks about what's going on about Harpers neglect to find time to have a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence who are on hungerstrike.
The Bear Cat's blogg

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