lördag 29 december 2012

Blue hour in Sweden

Half an hour before 4 o clock in the afternoon the Blue Hour is spreading over Göteborg. It's time to read and listen to music.

Why is it so hard to just do nothing?

There are many things to prepare for work in January with Irmelin, with Ahmad Al Khatib, Martin Holmlund, Roger Johansson-project, and other concerts too. It's going to be lot of rehersing time. Irmelin cd will be mixed. Travels and administrational big time job, applications as usual. I'm privileged to work with so fine musicians, and I'm again full of passion for what we do.  (During autumn I had a "close-to-hit-the-wall-experience") Each and every project I'm in makes me jump out of bed in the morning.

But I fight to not start any of that yet. Holiday first. I must take some time free, really free.


Say no.

(Alexander techique)

Wait and observe the directions.

Up tall.

Down earthed.


Back. Breath with your back side.


One side.

The other side.


Now it's time to decide when to take action. Say no to the auto pilot. It's my decision. It's on me to drive now.

Here's some music for a so far grey day, now turning to blue hour.
Miss Li in her official video, shot in Enviken at Jonssons Fik (and other places like the main road in Enviken....) I enjoy it especially because it's made in Enviken.

Sågskära songs from the cd Apelgrå, for games around christmas, "Räven, höken och ungersven". This film was showed on television when the cd was released. Thank you Yoshiaki in Japan for finding this link on youtube!


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