söndag 2 december 2012

Winter is here, and Pe Sla - We Did It!!!!!

Dalarna in winter beauty.

Thank you everyone who came to the church in Svärdsjö for the evening concert Himmelen Inom (≈ Heaven within)by Anders Nyberg. We enjoyed very much to sing to you, to share the experience. On February 3 the same ensemble will perform again in Sundborn church. Welcome back then!

This music has followed me for many years, a great part of my life. It seems like it keeps on doing that.

After the concert I found out that the sacred land Pe Sla in Black Hills, US, has now been purchased by the Lakota Sioux Nation, who has since the beginning of time concidered it as the birth place of their nation. It's been a great journey of hope, strength and unity to raise the amount of money that was asked for. A totally awesome process where many people around the whole world joined in to protect this piece of land to stand for the future, the children, for prayers, for peace. (It was of course stolen land back in the 18-hundreds during the gold rush.)

Video published after the historical news:

Pe'Sla ~ We Did It!!!!! from Village Beat on Vimeo.

You can also find out more on the website: http://www.lastrealindians.com/axCommentDetails.php?postId=2140

Merry advent to everyone. Light is coming!

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