onsdag 5 december 2012

Songs of light in the darkness

Tonight at 18 at Lärjeåns Trädgårdar (in Angered, tram 4, 8 and 9) I will sing and tell stories of old Christmas folk music. It will be only me singing a solo performance.

The main theme in all the songs is the star, the light in the darkness. The child is in the center. The new born is fleeing with his parents to a neighbour country to escape death. It's a story to be re-told many times, and with archetype dimensions.

I can imagine that many many generations has found a comfort in singing about the light in the darkness when the season here in the north brings out so little daylight.

This year I find I'm quite well suited for experiencing the cold and the darkness. It's not a big problem at all. I find it like a reason for slowing down, take a little time off, it's ok to have a bit of a "winter-sleep" like the hedgehog and the bear do. Thanks to my little dog I have more walks outdoor and I try to make the long walk in daylight to get som good rythm in the day. Oh, how I love to feel the fresh air when it's snowing and minus degrees! It's marvellous!

I wish you all a good day on the 5th of December.

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