torsdag 6 december 2012

Playful north, "Stjärnspel" music in winter

It's a sunny snowy day with minus degrees. I love it!

Yesterday evening turned out so beautiful, I'm grateful so many listeners could come and all the chairs occupied and more chairs had to be added to match the big crowd coming. You made the whole evening so warm! Lärjeåns Gardens are a beautiful venue and has a warm atmosphere where creativity and care is felt in the walls of the building. Home made bread and cakes is served. As a back drop I had the black windows with frost and a big white star shining. Jöran in the audience is a skilled photografer and shared a lovely blog post later in the evening. Here you can see pictures from yesterday.
Jöran writes about Stjärnspel-concert
The solo performance consisted of the old folk music songs, oral tradition kept alive by generations along with diverse and for us modern people quite strange traditions of folk theater associated with Christmas. After the performance we had an open talk. Late in the evening people in the audience told stories of how they took part in similar traditions in their childhood. We also sang a couple of old songs together.

What do you wish for christmas gifts? I've seen some amazing hand craft lately, what do you like this recycled lamp? I love recycling, and witful ideas of making the broken into something beautiful.

Wish you a good day! Eva

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