onsdag 12 december 2012

Rock this Christmas

Christmas and rock n roll.
Enviken in my heart!
Fanny Mae plus John Lindberg Trio are booked to Tängergården on the 25th of Dec.

Here's some pics from 2010.

Poster 2010.

DJ-ing old style.

A little bit too cold for the invasion of vintage cars
that we usually see in summertime.

Music from one of the many local bands.

On this beautiful day of 121212 I will go to Ljungskile to meet friends in music, talk a future possibility of brand new music that is in the pipeline of creation. Leo the teenage dog will go with me, perfect for learning to follow his person on her work-meetings. It's -16° so I guess I will have to dress him in both a knit-wear AND a jacket, poor little dog, he doesn't like his clothes. Well, he doesn't like the cold either. I do like the cold. It's breathtaking beautiful with all this snow and frost, and the air is fresh. Woke up this morning with a clear star sky, now seing the yeallow tones in the sunrise above the dark green-blue horizon line of forrest.

Why is the sky so beautiful in winter? Every day I marvel at the colours of the sky.

All the best wishes to you out there! Eva

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