fredag 14 december 2012

Dancing the night away.

Right now I'm doing both a balboa course and a lindy hop course. Great teachers, I enjoy their classes so much. Anni and Gasper are great dancers who teach balboa, they also feature as photo models in my song book! Claudia and Davis are guest teachers from Canada and they teach lindy hop, super nice and so skilled dancers.

It's like trying to make up for all the weeks I didn't dance at all this autumn. Due to book release, cd recording, touring and working irregular times, a wounded shoulder. It's just been too little space for dancing. But I know how much energy it gives me to dance!

To plan for future dance events can be real fun.
Here's a good site where you can plan when and where to go to dance:

Some's time to try something new I've never done before.
To give myself an energy boost I tried out how to make soft finger waves, hairstyle from the 1920's and 30's.

Here's a vidoe showing the technique:

Yesterday....Swedish Lucia for dummies, now spreading fast on the social networks....

Did you see any stars falling yesterday? Our earth is now passing through the Perseid comet tail. We saw a number of falling stars!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hoppas dansen bidrar till en god läkning av din axel!

  2. Jodå, det går åt rätt håll med axeln. Kräver nog lite försiktig yoga också för att återfå styrka. På måndag avslutning på balboa-kursen, måste anmäla mig till fler såna kurser i vår! På vår avslutning ska vi göra en hemlig överraskning för parallell-kursen i den andra salen.....