söndag 23 december 2012

Love overcomes all

Found some really nice items yesterday at the local Saturday amusement where nearly the whole neighbourhood gather.
Reningsborg is a charity second hand who have many projects in communities where people with very small resourses can get help to help themselves. Reningsborg has projects in east Europe and in India. Give a poor man a fish and he's not hungry for a day. Give a poor man a fishing rod and he can feed himself. Reningsborg

I like it a lot because I can find nice things for a good price, and I know I become part of something bigger. So I allow myself to go for it, and not to forget, it's recycling. Good for the environment too.

Found a handmade embroidered wall cloth. Someone picked theese words out of all existing words and decided to embroid it together with the flowers, with all the time and skill it takes to do that.

Love overcomes all.

Beautifully tailored black coat from Holmbloms in Göteborg

This black coat has buttons of black pearl, narrow waist and width in the full length. I saw it a week ago but didn't buy. Couldn't forget it so I was very happy it was still there. I've searched the internet and it seems to be connected to Gustaf Holmbloms Coat Shop with records as early as 1902. They advertise they sell coats and promenade costumes.
Underdress from danish label Cream.

Sales at Holmbloms in 1943. Photo borrowed from Stockholms Stadsmuseum

Green glass is something that I had a dream about one night just after moving to this apartment. In this dream I was shopping vintage green glass for my new home. So I keep it as a daydream to, that I give in for. Above is two green glass holders for hyacint bulbs, both found at Reningsborg.

Below some tiny green glass from earlier "hunts" at Reningsborg. When it's partytime I like to serve chokolate mousse and indian yougurt dessert in tiny vintage glasses and cups so you can have many.
Perfume Shanghai Rose from Jonssons Fik och Butik in Enviken.

Vintage hangers are one of my favourites. It gives so much extra to it when I can hang my clothes on nice hangers.

Now my dear readers of this blogg. It's getting very close to Christmas and I wish you a realxed time. I hope you will spend the holiday just the way you wish to do so.


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