söndag 30 december 2012

Får i kål. Everyone can take a small step for the climate

Eva goes blogging about food....
I'll get back to music soon, there's so much good music I've heard lately!

But here's something that interests and concerns me much too.

With the climate change in mind we can all contribute with trying to buy food that is seasonal and not requiring too much transportation and energy for growing.
Here's a favourite dish, "Får i kål" = Sheep in cabbage. In Norway it's a national dish, many farms there have to be sheep-farms due to the landscape. Very steep hillsides is the place where the sheep spend their summers.

1 kg lambs meat, cut in cubes. I used the front part of the lamb.
1 small white cabbage
6 big carrots (my addition to the original recipie)
butter for frying
a little bit of wheet flour
allspice (kryddpeppar)

Cut big pieces of white cabbage and start and end with white cabbage in the pot. In between you can mix all the other ingredients, sprinkle a little bit wheet flour and salt between layers. Add some allspice, I used them whole, not grinded.

First layer cabbage is fried in butter.

Next layers are just put on top and then it will be cooked together, not fried. So it's very easy to make this.

The cabbage contains lot of water and the main idea is to let this dish boil almost without added water. Some recipies suggest to add a little water, I didn't this time. It's the water in the vegetables that creates the nice sauce.

Boil it on low temperature for long time. 2 to 3 hours.

While it's boiling you can take a little time to join the rise for a climate change. I strongly believe we have to both change our own life style + organize together and put pressure politically. Here's a network with many good suggestions what you can do. Föräldravrålet

Bon appetit!

I promised to show pics from baking bread, christmas style. Elisabet, I curious to see the original, will you show me one day? I'm happy if I can spread some smile with showing theese two, a bit peculiar looking ones.
Long time ago there was a tradition in my family to bake a bread called julkuse (= yule horse) for christmas. This is my first try out of what I heard it looked like. I don't have the recipie and I love to make up my own recipies with ingredients I like. This time I had walnut, raisins and apricots, dough based on with dinkel + wheet flour.


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  1. Lovely, Eva! Let´s meet next year in december and prepare "julkusar" with saffron - the old tradition from our roots!

  2. Yes, you have to show me, I can't get it right with the "three horns". Well, it might depend on the dough, maybe it wasn't so easy with my own invented bread containing raisings, walnut, some full grain flour.