tisdag 11 december 2012

Sing by ear, sing by heart and Teaching Tolerance


Today my choir Lei-La will meet and sing our last rehersal before Christmas. Time flies! We have now had our first 10 rehersals and it goes super fine! So far we haven't picked up one piece of paper of music notes, we sing by ear and by heart.

Lei-La choir is open to anyone who wish to participate, women, men, teenagers. You may join us after Christmas or in August 2013. Just contact me on email.

"....to face and conquer our own prejudices, no matter what they are."

This is from an article I read this morning. Talking about how teachers can help the natural instinct young people have in compassion, willingness to make a change, tolerance and courage.

This teacher used to teach in a relatively poor area but change to another job where she tutored fairly rich children. In the beginning she faced her own prejudices that the rich children would be ignorant and selfish towards the rest of the society. She found out they really cared, and just had to broaden the horizon to understand more of the diversity. I especially like the way this teacher describes how she thought she was trained to look beyond clothes, skin colour and see the presonality instead. But she realized she's never fully trained in this ability, it's a constant journey to not judge and make labels of people.
Please take a look at the full article at Teaching Tolerance.

Time to move on into this beautiful day!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Du har härlig kör! Och din kör har en fantastisk ledare - jag vet, för jag fick förmånen att vara med vid ett rep för några veckor sen. Tänk, vad det gör att sjunga by heart!

  2. Tack kära du! Det vore roligt att komma till er i Falun också och jobba med flerstämmighet, om ni tycker det.