lördag 8 december 2012

Following the star

Good day dear reader,

today I want to put the light on why art is an important part of society progress.

A very interesting result I've heard of is the systems for upholding free culture with free lance artists in a country will indicate how this country have it on economics over all. Countries in Europe with exsisting systems of support for their free artists also see a better economy in business and society. Countries with non-exsisting systems for free artists face some serious problems with the same. Today it's about Italy and Greece in Europe who don't support arts like some other countries do on a national level. Italy focus only on their historical buildings and call that supporting culture. But it's not that we are talking about, it's the possibilities for artists to live and work as artists without being forced to be commercial. Experimental art has to have a place too. Arts has to be diverse, otherwise it dies from mono-culture starvation. The same as in ecological systems, each spieces has a place in the network.

The interesting question is if it's culture itself that make a country flower? Yes, many researches has been done in this, and it's quite well known that culture helps us a long way in the democratic processes and most of all, to understand ourselves and others. What it is to be a person, a human. To feel what our history was, and to get courage to move forward.

I think of the democratic process in South Africa. Songs and dance kept the whole process going forward in times of big trauma. It made people not only survive, but to be able to create one of the finest revolutions ever happened. Yes, many died, but it could have been a much worse scenario with war on another scale.

Pussy Riot is another example. They have put a snow ball rolling, and Putin is terrified and has banned Pussy Riots music. Wich probably only will feed the democratic process even more. It will be interesting to see what's coming up next there.

The Arabic Spring is yet another example where many artists play an important role to be the voice of the people when the powers oppressing are trying to silence that voice.

Who said arts is just for amusement? Go ask theese brave artists who are risking their lifes.

Like the three wise men who followed the star.....there is no other way but to follow the light.

I can recommend you to visit Alfons Karabudas blogg on artists role in democratic process.

On the web site of Freemuse I read: All that is banned is desired.

Warmest wishes from a beautiful winter-Göteborg.  -8°C out doors, but in my heart it's a fire for the love of arts.


(the picture I've found on facebook, it doesn't tell who made it, please contact me if you have any wishes with my borrowing of the picture.)

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  1. " Vår stjärna nu ej längre kan stå, vår stjärna nu ej längre kan stå. Vi måste nu begiva oss långt härifrån, vi måste nu begiva oss långt härifrån". Från "Stjärnhästen" med Folk & Rackar. En av de absoluta höjdarna som ska spelas varje jul. Åven "The Rebel Jesus" med Jackson Browne samt "Christmas i Washington" med Steve Earle som har seglat upp som ännu en favorit. I kväll blir Jul I Folkton på Konserthuset i Göteborg. Kram.

  2. Jaa, Stjärnhästen är en underbar julskiva! I år har jag tagit fram Sågskäras cd Apelgrå och den innehåller så himla många fina sånger!