söndag 9 december 2012

My favourite photo blogs and some more vintage dresses

Today it's the day when we light the second candle before Christmas. Happy 2nd advent to you!

Going out now makes me so happy with all the snow, white and clean and fresh. Everywhere I see things I want to make a photo of. My photo eye-glasses are often on. I'll share some winter photos here for you.
Leo is not that keen on going out when it's too cold. He's running fast like if he doesn't want to put his feet down.
Leo has a dog-friend, Boogie, who sometimes come visiting our neighbours. If Leo sees Boogie from the kitchen window he starts to cry to get out to greet Boogie. Yesterday we just saw Boogie leaving and we were too late to get out. After this Leo cried for about 15 minutes until we went out to make sure Boogie was not hiding behind the piles of snow.

When I want to get inspired I sometimes look at theese two amazing photo blogs.

Photo by Tekla. The young and talented Maja, visit her blog.

Drömma. The dreamer in Göteborg, Lottas blog.

Lotta has a great interest in dresses, writes about her life with children and many interests and dreams. Her blog is somekind of very poetic, I just love the way she writes.
Oh, about dresses, I found no less than five dresses yesterday at the local second hand, all five for less than the price on one dress in an ordinary shop. Two of them for sunny hot summer weather, but why not? One will be for my balboa parties, a tight grey slightly shiny In Wear-dress:

This is my newest 70th-dress, real vintage.
Transparent nylon with silver threads.

Today we stay at home. Friends coming, we'll bake some ginger bread and create fantasy ginger bread houses.


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