onsdag 26 december 2012

Myths and songs on Boxing Day

Early in the morning of Boxing Day was a very special occasion in the old days. The traditions has roots dating back before christianity came to Sweden. It was a day when the horses were supposed to be taken to a special well of fertility, a Stephens well. Drinking the water there on this particular day the horses would be strong and healthy the coming year.

This was also a day when the young people in the village set out on begging processions, singing Stephens songs. Food was gathered for the christmas parties that followed the next days. A way of getting together during the darkest time of the year, dance and play games. It was really popular! Otherwise around the year it was so much work to do on the farms and not really time and space for making parties.

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I spend this evening enjoying the CD Apelgrå, recorded by Sågskära. Especially the Stephen songs they sing. Eva

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